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The Full Story

A love letter to her family and daughter, Mignote, the building was conceived and created from the heart by Yayine Melaku and her company, The Y Group LLC. An achievement within the industry, Yayine needed determination and undeniable talent to bring The Mignote to life, overcoming numerous obstacles, and thus becoming both the first woman and first African-American Developer in South Orange.


The Meaning

The Mignote - the name meaning “My Wish”- is 15,000 square feet of proof that hard work and an eye for detail can bring quality of living, joy, and pride to not only those who’ve worked to build this Boutique Luxury Residence, but for the residents themselves. An oasis of luxury and warmth from the 700 sq ft of commercial space, mailroom, hallways, lobby and even the emergency stairwell, no corner is left without thought to convenience, function, and style. Equally inviting, the building is spectacularly located. Walk to village shops and cafes, admire historic architecture, sled down Floods Hill, experience local arts performances and galleries, or catch the South Orange train to the heart of electric NYC - just 30 minutes close.

The Feeling

“Having grown up in South Orange, I deeply feel the significance of choosing to live at The Mignote. I hope all who chose to reside here feel welcome and adore their home, while enjoying the excitement and charm of South Orange, as I did." - Yayine Melaku

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